ThreadsDeck’ arrives just in time for the Trump verdict

Instagram’s Threads is now positioning itself as a more serious rival to X (formerly Twitter) with its new column-based user interface reminiscent of the old TweetDeck, now known as X Pro. This new UI option allows Threads users to pin columns to the home screen of its desktop web app, enhancing real-time news and information tracking. The rollout of this feature coincides with significant political events, such as the Trump verdict, providing users with an alternative platform for political discussions.

Background and Development

Threads was initially launched with a focus on creator content rather than politics, following Meta’s decision to not proactively recommend political content on its platforms. This was likely a strategic move to avoid the political controversies Meta had faced in the past. The company has been criticized for either censoring free speech or being too lenient on misinformation, leading to increased scrutiny, especially in the U.S.

Political Content on Threads

Despite Meta’s efforts to distance Threads from political content, users have continued to engage in political discussions. For example, during President Biden’s State of the Union address and the recent Trump verdict, political terms and discussions have trended on Threads. This user behavior indicates a strong demand for political discourse on the platform, challenging Meta’s initial content strategy.

New UI Features

– Column-Based Layout**: Similar to TweetDeck, this layout allows users to organize their feeds into multiple columns, making it easier to track different topics or accounts simultaneously.
– Pinned Columns**: Users can pin specific columns to their home screen, providing quick access to their preferred content streams.


The introduction of this feature could position Threads as a more viable alternative to X for users seeking real-time updates and discussions, particularly around political events. This move might attract users who prefer a more structured and customizable interface for following news and conversations.

By enhancing its UI and embracing features that cater to real-time content consumption, Threads is aiming to capture a segment of the social media market that values timely and organized information. This could potentially increase user engagement and attract a broader audience, including those interested in political discourse, despite Meta’s initial reluctance to focus on this area.