Facebook Enhances Mobile Video Player with Full-Screen Mode and New Controls

Unified Full-Screen Experience for Reels, Longer Videos, and Live Content on Facebook’s Mobile Video Player

The transition to a unified viewing experience is a strategic move by Facebook to streamline user interaction with video content across its platform. By introducing a consistent full-screen mode for all video formats, including Reels, longer videos, and Live content, Facebook aims to enhance user engagement and provide a more immersive viewing environment. This update aligns with Meta’s broader vision of creating seamless digital experiences that prioritize user convenience and satisfaction.

The revamped video player represents a significant improvement in user interface design, simplifying the navigation and interaction process for viewers. With all videos now opening in a vertical full-screen mode, users can enjoy uninterrupted viewing without the distraction of different screen layouts or controls. This cohesive approach fosters a more intuitive and enjoyable browsing experience, enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Furthermore, the adoption of Instagram’s Reels format as the template for the new video player underscores Facebook’s commitment to leveraging successful features across its platforms. By capitalizing on the popularity and familiarity of Reels’ vertical full-screen layout, Facebook can capitalize on user preferences and behaviors, driving increased engagement and retention.

As the updated video player rolls out first in the US and Canada before a global expansion, Facebook demonstrates its commitment to delivering innovative features to its user base. By prioritizing these key markets, Facebook can gather valuable feedback and insights to refine the user experience further before scaling the update worldwide. This iterative approach ensures that the new video player meets the diverse needs and preferences of users across different regions.

Overall, Facebook’s initiative to revamp its mobile video player reflects its ongoing efforts to evolve and adapt to changing user expectations and technological trends. By providing a seamless and consistent viewing experience for all types of video content, Facebook aims to strengthen its position as a leading platform for multimedia consumption and social interaction.



Facebook, the popular social media platform, is revamping the video player on its mobile apps. With this upgrade, users will not have to see different full-screen modes and viewing experiences for different kinds of videos. Currently, users can watch Reels, long-length videos, as well as live videos on the app. While Reels open in vertical full-screen, longer videos, and live videos open in a half-screen view with comments at the bottom. Facebook is now addressing this inconsistency with its upgraded video player.

The announcement was made on Wednesday via a post on Meta newsroom, which stated, “We’re introducing an updated video player on Facebook that brings together Reels, longer videos and Live content all in one fullscreen, engaging experience. The updated video player is rolling out on iOS and Android first in the US and Canada, and globally in the coming months.” It will arrive in other regions in the coming months.

Essentially, Facebook is offering a single consistent full-screen for all kinds of videos. Once the update rolls out, users will be able to open all videos in a vertical full-screen. The company appears to be using Instagram’s Reels as the template for its video player. On the vertical screen, users will have options to like, comment, share, and send it to a contact on Messenger on the right side, with the uploader’s name towards the bottom followed by the description of the video.