Google’s Pixel Tablet is now available without its distinctive feature

When we reviewed the Pixel Tablet roughly this time last year, we emphasized, “It’s all about the dock.” Indeed, it was the standout feature that set the device apart from the plethora of uninspired Android tablets. Now, consumers have the option to purchase the device without the component that truly made it unique and compelling.

While more buying options are generally welcomed, it’s worth noting that the charging speaker dock is undeniably the most intriguing aspect of the system. It transforms the device into a large smart display when not in use as a tablet.

Think of it as a more versatile version of the Nest Hub Max — a device that hasn’t seen updates in a couple of years.

Google has no idea what it's doing with the Pixel Tablet

(Sidenote: What’s happening with the Nest Hub line, anyway? And what about Google Assistant? Will Gemini eventually replace Assistant entirely? Perhaps these questions will be addressed next week at Google I/O.)

The announcement coincided with the launch of Google’s Pixel 8a budget handset and curiously arrived shortly after Apple unveiled new versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Additionally, the Pixel Slate is now available in Italy and Spain for the first time.