VSCO introduces a marketplace aimed at connecting photographers with brands

VSCO’s new marketplace, VSCO Hub, aims to bridge the gap between professional photographers and brands, offering a platform for easy collaboration and partnership. Similar to social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which already facilitate connections between creators and businesses, VSCO Hub serves as a hub for brands to discover and connect with talented photographers.

CEO Eric Wittman likens VSCO Hub to LinkedIn, where brands can act as recruiters, scouting for photographers who align with their project needs and objectives. By signing up for the $59.99 Pro plan, which boasts over 160,000 subscribers, photographers gain access to the platform, while businesses can leverage filters such as location, category, price, and availability to streamline their search for photographers.

One standout feature of the platform is its ability for creative directors to upload reference images, enabling them to find photographers with portfolios that reflect similar styles or aesthetics. This functionality enhances the matchmaking process, making it easier for brands to identify suitable collaborators for their projects.

Wittman emphasizes that VSCO Hub operates as a facilitator, rather than a middleman taking a percentage of project payments. Unlike some platforms that levy fees or commissions on transactions, VSCO Hub simply serves as a connection layer, allowing photographers and brands to directly engage with each other.

He attributes the challenges in discoverability within the photography community to the algorithms employed by social networks. Wittman highlights the arduous process marketers face in scouring platforms like Google and Instagram to identify photographers whose work aligns with their creative requirements.

“Due to the shifts in social network algorithms, it’s increasingly difficult for photographers to gain visibility among potential clients,” Wittman explains. Recognizing this need within the photography community, VSCO sought to address the issue by creating VSCO Hub as a solution for connecting photographers with brands seeking their expertise and vision.